Bangladesh InstagramFor every good artist, there is a good producer behind them…

And Bangladesh is one of the greatest. We were happy to have him and his whole crew at Neve 1 & Studio House back in January. We have worked with some rowdy clients in the past, but Bangladesh, Manager DK and the rest of his posse had our Neve 1 control room sounding like a night club! Bangladesh started working on music back in the late 90’s but it wasn’t until his production of the smash hit Whats your fantasy” by Ludacris where he started to take making beats more seriously as a profession. Since then, he has become a production veteran, creating tracks for everyone such as: Lil Wayne, Kesha, R Kelly, Ice Cube, Gucci Mane, Skrillex & The Game, and many more, with his trademark “Bangladesh” sample playing at the start of almost every song.

Bangladesh and his crew rolled into our Neve location at around 7pm. It started off as a quiet night for Head Engineer Michael Peterson & the studio assistants. Bangladesh started working how he usually does, sampling any thing he can get his hands on though a MPC 2000 XL and with a few button pushes and knob twists, He had a whole song ready to be imported into Pro Tools. Seeing this workflow first hand really makes you appreciate how easy it is to boot up Logic or Ableton  and create anything that comes to mind. The night started to die down towards 2-3am. We where expecting an “early” night but then, out of the blue, 4 SUV’s pull up all packed with eager photographers, models, and musicians alike. That is when the speakers where pushed to 11 and the party didn’t stop till 7am. After a couple more nights of 808 crazed madness, we decided to move the crew from Neve 1, our more standard recording studio setting, to The Studio House, the more new age facility where you can eat sleep and create at the recording studio. 

Bangladesh was not shy to share his experience with Serenity West. Take a look at some of the photos he took at both locations

This is no exaggeration just the truth.

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