“You can either go one of two ways, you either let that pressure get to you, or you just erase it all and go in fresh”

– Charles Lee “Charlie” Benante on the making of For All Kings

After coming off the critically acclaimed success of their last record Worship Music, as well as a massive two years of touring, American Metal band Anthrax had a high bar they had set for themselves. What better way to meet these expectations than to team up with favored producer of the band, Jay Ruston, and record what was would soon to be the monstrous 11 song album, For All Kings.

Anthrax started recording with us at our Neve 1 site in the winter of 2014. The band did not mess around when it came to equipment. Rolling in crate after crate of guitars, amps, FX pedals, outboard gear, recording equipment and of course drums it was as if we were preparing for just another leg of their tour. The feat of taking on such a massive undertaking of recording is nothing Jay or Serenity West couldn’t handle. Jay has worked on three of the last Anthrax projects as a producer, tracking engineer, and mixing engineer and our 34ft by 28ft live room is the perfect space to create and record anything from a 12 piece drum kit to blaring metal guitars.


For the next couple months, we became part of the Anthrax family and they became a part of ours. After the release of For All Kings, Jay stopped by our facility to catch up as well as hand deliver us a personalized vinyl copy of the record. It was an amazing experience to work with legendary artists as well as such an incredible producer such as Jay.

Check out the Studio Update video they shot at Neve 1.